UPDATE: Independence Doe found on 4th July 1996

UPDATE: Independence Doe found on 4th July 1996

See our previous post on this precious boy, here.

As of May 2020 and after further discussions with the Medicolegal department of the Philadelphia ME, we now have photographs of one of Independence Doe’s tattoos. This tattoo is located on Independence Doe’s left hip.

We are absolutely delighted that these have also been uploaded to NamUs and want to give a big shout out to Jamie Willier, Medicolegal Death Examiner from the Philadelphia ME’s office for doing this. 

It means we are one step closer to identifying Independence Doe and giving him his name back. With the crucial focus on #blacklivesmatter it’s more important than ever that his face isn’t forgotten.

For ease of reference, please see below for images of Independence Doe’s tattoos. We only have these images as there were seemingly no other pictures taken of the other tattoos he had. 

UPDATE: Independent Doe found on 4th July 1996
Image Credit: Philadephia ME Office
UPDATE: Independent Doe found on 4th July 1996
Image Credit: Philadelphia ME Office














Virgo Birthdates 

The zodiac sign Virgo birthdates range from 23rd August – 22nd September. NamUs approximates his age between 12 – 17 years of age, meaning that he would have been born between 1979 (aged 17) – 1984 (aged 12). Given the fact he has several tattoo’s it’s safe to say he was more than likely aged 16+. 

What to Do if you Recognise Him

Contact the following agencies:

  1. NamUs (use the profile link in the references section, it’ll provide you with an email address)
  2. Philadelphia Medical Examiners Office
  3. Philadelphia Police Department (16th District)
  4. Department of Justice


Thank You from the Bottom of Our Hearts

We want to thank everyone that has emailed and messaged us on our various social media channels asking about Independence Doe and asking if there’s anything they can do. Unfortunately, we can’t get back to all of you, but please know we read all your messages and we appreciate the support.

If you want to help, please share the original post on your social media. You never know who will see it and recognise him. 

Thanks again,

TMTL Team xo


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