UPDATE: Baby Jane Doe of Opelika, Alabama

UPDATE: Baby Jane Doe of Opelika, Alabama

If you have been a longtime follower of The Missing and the Lost you’ll remember our coverage on the case. If you are new here, please click here to read our coverage on Baby Doe. We interviewed Sgt Albert White back on 16th November 2019. He disclosed there may be an update coming, and just a few days ago we received the link to an update on Baby Doe’s case. 

We have included the link, here.

We urge you, if you are from the area or nearby areas in the US, look at this child, find this child, report to Opelika Police Department, and Crimestoppers, please. We have included the numbers, below. You can call anonymously, your identity will be protected.

If you have any information on Baby Doe’s case, please contact the following:

Opelika Police Department Investigative Services Division: (334) 705-5220

Secret Witness Hotline: (334) 745-8665

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Call Center 1–800-THE-LOST(843–5678)

Lee County Coroner’s Office (334)737–3620

Rev. Clifford Jones (334)749–9487

NamUs (855)-626–7600

We kindly ask that if you live in Alabama, or the surrounding states that you please take the opportunity to share this case on your social media channels.

If any of our readers have any questions on the case or anything they’d like us to ask Sergeant White then please either make use of our Contact Us form or leave it in the comments below.


The reward for information on Baby Doe has been increased to $20,000 leading to information that will help identify Baby Doe and her killer(s).

The preparator(s) of the crime would have had to be local to the area given how secluded the area was. This wasn’t an area that someone who wasn’t local to the area themselves, or someone who knew the area well would have known about.

Reports lead to the body being dumped there, but given the timeframe, there is no way of knowing if the child was already deceased when dumped, or where the murder occurred before Baby Doe was dumped.

Don’t forget about her. She matters.


UPDATE: Baby Jane Doe, Opelika, Alabama

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