MISSING: Dominic Potts, Plumas County, California, USA

MISSING: Dominic Potts, Plumas County, California, USA

Case Summary

Dominic Potts was from Plumas County, California, USA. He was 21 years old when he disappeared on 6th November 2018. He has been missing for 15 months with no suspects, no information on his whereabouts and no further information on where he could be. His truck was found close to his workplace in Chester, California wide open with the keys in the ignition, and his cellphone and wallet in the truck bed, untouched.

Bio: Dominic Potts

Dominic Potts
Photo credit: Find Dominic Potts Facebook Page

Name: Dominic Potts

DOB: 10.01.97

Age: 21 years old when he went missing, he would be 23-years-old, now.

Hometown: Plumas County, California, USA

Occupation: Labourer

Height: 5’10

Weight: 150lbs

Marital Status: Unknown

Characteristics: Medium length styled dark brown hair and brown eyes. Dominic also has scarring on his arms and chest from welding. He has no known tattoo’s or piercings.

Missing Since: 6th November 2018

Clothes victim was wearing when last seen: Unknown

Last seen: Dominic was last seen by a female colleague on 5th November 2018 at approximately 3:15 pm. His last known phone call was around 6 pm on 5th November 2018.

His truck found in Chester, California with the keys in the ignition on 8th November 2018. Dominic’s wallet and cell were also found in the car. Dominic was last physically seen at home in Chester, CA.

Case Status: COLD

Case Background

Dominic Potts

Dominic was last physically seen at home in Chester, CA. He had gone to work on 6th November 2018, his mom has confirmed with us that Dominic didn’t make it into his shift on the 6th of November 2018 but had finished his shift on the 5th of November 2018 at around 3:30 pm. He went missing/was abducted as he got out of his vehicle. His car was unlocked, keys in the ignition switched to on, his cellphone and wallet were also found in the car.

The Plumas County Sheriff destroyed any potential evidence (or so the media reports state, we can’t confirm or deny this) searching Dominic’s car. Nothing was uncovered from his cellphone and there is no other tangible information as to where he may have gone.

All we have in this case are rumours and out of respect for the family, we aren’t going to mention them here as we have no evidence. We are in contact with Dominic’s cousin, mom and have been given the names of a few friends who may be able to confirm or deny the rumours. There are so few facts, so little media and zero police communication, despite one email from a police officer requesting information on what we have. We’re in touch with the DA about the lack of communication and they’re working to try and answer some of the questions we have.

Dominic Potts Dominic Potts

Greta Putnam

The family also lost someone else very precious to them that same November. Greta Putnam, Dominic’s great-grandmother, was found brutally murdered in her mobile home. Dominic went missing before his great grandmother was murdered in such a brutal manner in her home.

Initially, the police and media reported he could have gone missing because he was the one that murdered Greta. This was quite rightly proved as false when a homeless man was arrested, charged and has now been convicted of her murder.

Dominic’s Car


Dominic’s car was found abandoned at the end of First Avenue, Chester, CA on 8th November 2018. The car was unlocked, keys in the ignition, cellphone and wallet in the bed of the truck untouched when it was located by Plumas County Sheriff Department.

The Sheriff’s Department initially released the truck back into Dominic’s brothers possession. However, a mere mile down the road they stopped his brother and retrieved it. It’s not known why they did this, but the car has remained in the possession of Plumas County Sheriffs Department since then. The family have been told the car ISN’T considered a crime scene and the last information they got was that it hadn’t been dusted for prints, and that it could take months or years for the truck to be returned to them. They still haven’t received the truck or cellphone back, this would be due to the fact they’ll be considered evidence.


Last Known Physical Sighting

Dominic Potts

The last known sighting of Dominic was on 5th November 2018 at approximately 3:15 pm by a female colleague of Dominic’s. When she left work Dominic was still there, working. It’s not known what time he finished his shift, but he was employed by Sierra Cascade Aggregate and Asphalt which is owed by Dig It Construction in Chester. 

Dominic’s Last Call

Dominic called a family friend on 5th November 2018 around 6 pm. They spoke for a period of time and Dominic told the family friend he planned to rent a motel room for the night in the Chester area. When we spoke to Dominic’s mom she explained this could have been so he didn’t have to drive home. 

Dominic’s family have contacted local businesses, contractors, co-workers and colleagues of Dominic’s and the local motels. No one has seen or heard from Dominic since the 5th November 2018. Dominic didn’t check into any hotel’s or motel’s in Chester or surrounding areas. 



Dominic’s NamUs was severely lacking the information required on a forum like that. We have emailed NamUs to have them update the details on Dominic as he has several distinguishable features that ARE important.


This is the information we have provided to NamUs on behalf of the family which has been backed up by family members we are in contact with.

Reward for Information

There is currently a $5000 reward for information leading to the location or whereabouts of Dominic Potts. If you have information on this case then please see below on who to contact.

Supporting the Family

Information is key, no matter how small or irrelevant you may think that information is. Get that information to them by any means, whether it’s through us here at TMTL, through the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, or through Find Dominic Facebook Page which is linked below.

Sharing this post, any post with Dominic’s hashtag, #dominicpotts

You can financially support the search for Dominic by donating to their GoFundMe which is linked, here.

Dominic Potts

Who to Contact if You Know Something

We’re taking a slightly different approach to this one, if you know anything about the disappearance of Dominic Potts then please use our Contact Us page and we’ll pass it on to the correct parties as we’ve a direct link to the senior law enforcement involved in the case which means the information will be passed along quicker.

Alternatively, please look for your local Crimestoppers.

Both contacting us and using Crimestoppers is completely anonymous, your information will not be recorded by Crimestoppers, and any information we hold will be kept anonymous and confidential.

If you would prefer to try and get hold of someone in Plumas County Sheriff’s Department you can call +1 530-283-6375. Unfortunately, despite asking for a crime reference number from the Plumas County Sheriff’s Department we have been unable to do so. Calls to the Plumas County Sheriff’s Department are recorded.


ALL and we mean ALL comments are monitored on this site. Be respectful to the families of these missing people and victims. Hearsay isn’t welcome here, and we do our best to monitor comments on other social media where our articles are posted to alleviate hearsay around the cases we cover. We do this because gossip is gossip, it does nothing but hurt those involved and 90% of the time it’s total bullshit. 


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  1. Why does it say that his truck was found in Greenville and then also on 1st street on Chester avenue? Just curious.

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