In Atlanta, Georgia, between 1979 – 1981 at least 24 children and adolescents were murdered. Police believe serial killer Wayne Bertram Williams is responsible, but he has never been charged for any of these crimes.

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17. Patrick Rogers, 17th December 1963 – 10th November 1980 (16)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Patrick Rogers

DOB: 17th December 1963

Age: 16

Height: Unknown

Weight: 145lbs

Last S,een: 7 – 7:30 a.m. on 10th November 1980

Date Found: 7th December 1980

Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma to the head


Patrick “Pat Man” Rogers lived with his mother, Annie Grace Rogers, his three brothers and four sisters. He lived in the Thomasville Heights housing projects. Patrick was 16-years-old when he went missing.

He was an 11th Grade Sophmore student at Grady High School. Patrick had known both Aaron Wyche and Aaron Jackson as they lived nearby. His mother also claims that he knew Darron Glass, Lubie Geter, and Curtis Walker.


Last Seen on 10th November 1980


Patrick was last seen at a bus stop with his little brother, Issac, 7. The bus stop was at Henry Thomas Drive, and a lady named Mary Harper claimed that Patrick was later at her apartment, looking for her son, Joe Harper, and telling her a man wanted to record some songs Patrick had written. It’s also claimed he told his mother, Annie, that he was going to visit someone who was going to record songs he’d written.

A week before his disappearance a man matching Wayne Williams’ description was seen leaving flyers at the housing project Patrick lived in. Wayne Williams was a known record producer and other children and adolescents had reportedly visited the studio he worked in.


Body Found 7th December 1980


Patrick’s broken body was found on the Cobb County side of Chattahoochee, by Paces Ferry Road bridge. His body was caught on rafter cables.


Unsolved, Wayne Williams was said to be the perpetrator of the murder of Patrick. His cause of death has been listed as blunt force trauma to the head.


18. Lubie Chuck Geter Jr. 30th June 1966 – 3rd January 1981 (14)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Lubie Chuck Geter Jr

DOB: 30th June 1966

Age: 14

Height: 5’1

Weight: 130 lbs

Last Seen: 3rd January 1981

Date Found: 5th February 1981

Cause of Death: Asphyxiation by manual strangulation


Lubie “Chuck” Geter Jr lived with his parents Annie and Lubie Sr Geter. Lubie had one brother, Frankie, and four sisters, Marian, Pauline, Macheely, and Betty.

Lubie was in 9th Grade Freshman at JC Murphy High School. He carried groceries for money, as well as working at National Pride car wash, where he took air fresheners to sell to other patrons. He was a high achiever, intelligent with a perfect attendance record, and his parents said he wasn’t streetwise.


Last Seen 3rd January 1981


Lubie’s stepbrother dropped him off a local shopping centre, the Stewart-Lakewood Shopping Centre. He was going to sell his air fresheners outside of the Big Star Food Store.

Lubie was the 16th child in the Atlanta Child Murders to disappear. He was said to be friends with Patrick Rogers, the 15th boy to disappear.

A woman later testified in Court to seeing Lubie get into a car with Wayne Williams in front of the Sears section of the shopping centre. He was wearing a purple coat, a green shirt, blue jeans and a pair of brown loafers.

There were calls made (not known to who) from a man claiming to be the killer. These calls were traced to the Stewart Avenue payphones near the shopping centre.


Body Found 5th February 1981


Lubie’s body was found by a dog and a landowner who was destroying rabbit traps in the wooded side of Vandiver Road, by Enon Road.

There was reportedly evidence found to suggest that the KKK had made a threat to kill black children, and Lubie was a target after a run-in with one of the local leaders. This evidence, if true, has not been released to the public (and if it has, we can’t find anything, but media articles.)

Lubie’s body was missing all of his clothes except white shorts. His blue jeans and brown belt were found three-quarters of a mile away in a brown bag, they had been thrown into a creek. His blue shirt and loafers were found approximately 300 yards away from his body.

Lubie’s body had been attacked by animals postmortem. However, they were able to find a cause of death.


KKK Involvement

At Wayne Williams’ 1990 trial a man named Billy Joe Whitaker claimed that he told the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) that Charles and Terry Sanders intentions (they were KKK members) were to execute one black boy a month. They were reportedly then also looking at the possibility of executing black women. Billy Joe stated that Charles Sanders had said of Lubie,

“See that little Black….? I’m going to get him, I’m going to kill him, I’m going to choke that Black….. to death.”

Despite these claims, and the face that Lubie was indeed strangled to death, manually, Sanders was never charged or convicted of the crime.

The Sanders family had criminal records as long as your arm, these convictions included paedophilia (child molestation), burglary, assault and battery, domestic violence (or as it was noted on their record “wife-beating”), statutory rape, armed robbery and possession of drugs with intent to supply, along with other drugs charges. They were known drug dealers, and addicts themselves, that weren’t shy about their hatred for black people.

Image Credit: Meaww.com (Charles Sanders, KKK Member and known racist)

The KKK were very active at the time of the murders and had been holding marches depicting their hatred for black people, protesting, and causing major disruptions to the lives of the people living within the area. Detective Aubrey Melton went to the GBI with an informant who claimed he had information of the KKK’s involvement with the murders.

All members of the Sanders family were part of the known terrorist National States Right Party (NSRP), or as it’s more commonly known, the New Order of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), and it’s headquarters is based in Marrieta, Atlanta. Don Sanders was the National Secretary of the NRSP/KKK. Whilst his father, Carleton, and his five brothers, Charles, Terry, Ricky, Jerry and James were committed members of the far-right organisation.

The GBI wiretapped conversations between KKK members and collected cassettes worth of the recordings through the informant that was secretly wired. Don, Charles and Terry were taken into custody for questioning, and after they denied the allegations (despite the recordings) they were allowed to go free.



Unsolved but considered closed: Lubie’s murder has been linked to Wayne Williams, but Wayne has never been charged. His cause of death with asphyxiation by manual strangulation.

19. Terry Lorenzo Pue, 3rd October 1965 – 23rd January 1981 (15)


Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Terry Lorenzo Pue

DOB: 3rd October 1965

Age: 15

Height: 5’5

Weight: 105 lbs

Last Seen: 22nd January 1981

Date Found: 23rd January 1981

Cause of Death: Asphyxiation by ligature strangulation


Terry Lorenzo Pue was 15-years-old when he went missing. He lived in a housing project with his mother, Helen and father, Clarence. He had four sisters and six brothers.

He was in 9th Grade at Challenge School (West Hunter St. Baptist Church) and he was a known acquaintance of Lubie Geter.


Last Seen on 22nd January 1981


Terry’s brother, Tony, saw Terry board a bus on Hollywood Road at approximately 3 p.m. on the 22nd January 1981. His neighbour, Clinton, claimed Terry had asked him to play basketball with him, but Clinton had said he didn’t want to because of the rain. He claimed Terry went to play basketball by himself.

Terry was last seen trading bottles near a shopping centre on Memorial Drive S.E. He spent the money earned from trading bottles at the Krystal restaurant nearby. His last known sighting was approximately 2 p.m.


Body Found 23rd January 1981


Terry’s body was found off Sigman Road in Rockdale County. He was found by a passerby, but on the 8th January 1981, an anonymous male caller had called the police to say there was a boy’s body in this location. When the police couldn’t locate the body, the man apparently called again saying he’d placed another body there.

This was just before Terry’s body was found, the man called again and it was traced to North Indian Creek Drive, and a couple of years after Terry’s body was found, skeletal remains were found in the same location. We’ve been unable to find whether the skeletal remains were identified, or what the age range of the remains were.

Terry had abrasions on his elbow, and bruises on his head. There was also evidence of dog hairs found on his body. He was wearing a blue windbreaker coat with the name “Kim” in red lettering on the back of the coat, a denim jacket, a yellow t-shirt with a palm tree with “Puerto Rico” on the front of the t-shirt, and “Washington High” on the back in blue lettering, he also had on beige-coloured knitted slacks, a dark blue/navy pair of socks, and Hush-Puppy shoes. It’s not known if these were his clothes, or not.

They were able to identify it was Terry using the surgical scars on his right knee.




Unsolved, but considered closed. Wayne Williams is a suspect in the case but has never been charged with Terry’s murder. Terry’s cause of death was confirmed as asphyxiation by ligature strangulation.

20. Patrick Wayne Baltazar, 17th April 1968 – 12th February 1981 (12)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Patrick Wayne Baltazar

DOB: 17th April 1968

Age: 12

Height: Unknown

Weight: 125 lbs

Last Seen: 6th February 1981

Date Found: 13th February 1981

Cause of Death: Asphyxiation by ligature strangulation

Patrick Wayne Baltazar was 12-years-old when he went missing. He lived in a Vine City apartment complex, in a one bedroomed apartment with his father Russell, stepmother Sheila, and brothers Roger, and Donald Ray. He also had nine other brothers, and four sisters, these siblings lived with his mother, Grace, in New Orleans.

Patrick was in 6th Grade in Bethune Elementary School. He often sold newspapers and was a domestic worker at Fisherman’s Cove restaurant. He was also a dishwasher on Buford Highway at Papa’s Country Buffet and sold cotton candy (candy floss) at the Omni where his father worked.


Last Seen Friday 6th February 1981 


Patrick was last seen by a family member in Fisherman’s Cover restaurant, his father’s place of work, getting money from his father so he could attend the Golden Gloves boxing match, and then on to play at the Omni, this was around 5 p.m. There were further witness sightings reported to have seen him up until midnight on the 6th February 1981 at Galaxy Three Arcade within the Omni.


Body Found 13th February 1981


Patrick’s body was found in Corporate Square between the I-85 and Buford Highway by Briarcliff. This area is overgrown and is between the complex and a block of apartment buildings. A maintenance man for the Corporate Square business complex stumbled across the body and notified the authorities.

Margaret Jackson, a Dental Assistant, that worked in the complex had reported to the police that she had seen a light green 68/69 Chevy Impala parked in the area where the body was found. It was approximately 7: 15 a.m. when she saw the car, there were no other cars around at that time. Patrick’s body was found at approximately 2 p.m. that afternoon.

Margaret claimed the man inside the car was a white man, with shoulder-length brown hair, a small moustache, and close-set eyes. He was wearing a flannel plaid shirt, and he stared at Margaret until she entered the building. It hasn’t been reported if this man ever came forward.

Patrick had bruises and scrapes on his body, the Coroner also collected dog hairs from his body.




Unsolved but considered closed. Wayne Williams is said to be a suspect in the case but has never been charged with Patrick’s murder. The cause of death was confirmed as asphyxiation by ligature strangulation.

21. Curtis Lamar Walker, 14th June 1967 – 6th March 1981 (13)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Curtis Lamar Walker

DOB: 14th June 1967

Age: 13

Height: 5ft

Weight: 75 lbs

Last Seen: 19th February 1981

Date Found: 6th March 1981

Cause of Death: Asphyxiation by strangulation



Curtis Lamar Walker, III, was 13-years-old when he went missing. He lived in Wilkes Circle N.W in an apartment complex. He lived with his mother, Catherine, brothers William and Alexander, and sisters, Teaka and Kelclo. His father, Curtis Lamar Walker Jr., II, did not live with him.

Curtis was in 7th Grade at A.D. Williams School in Bowen Homes.


Last Seen 19th February 1981


Curtis was last seen at Archie Byron’s Gun Shop where he and his 8-year-old brother had picked up garbage for money. They would go there looking for work, then walked to a nearby shopping centre by the intersection of Hightower Road. He was last seen wearing a brown and blue striped shirt, blue pants and a pair of blue sneakers. A witness reported seeing him get into a yellow car, and dogs tracked his scent to the rear of Center Hill School on Bankhead.


Body Found 6th March 1981


Curtis’ body was found caught on a log by a fireman that was crossing the South River on Waldrop Road near Flat Shoals Parkway. An eyewitness had claimed they saw an old, light green Chevy Impala parked nearby a few days before Curtis’ body was found. His body was found approximately 0.75 miles away from the Chapel Hill Harvester Church where the Reverend Earl Paulk had received calls in the February before from someone claiming to be the killer.

His clothes were missing, but he was still wearing his underwear. There were latent prints found on his body, it’s not known if these prints were ever run through any kind of database before or after Wayne Williams was arrested.




Unsolved but closed. Wayne Williams has been linked to, but not charged with Curtis’ murder. Curtis’ cause of death was ruled as asphyxiation by strangulation.

22. Joseph Bell, 6th June 1965 – 19th April 1981 (15)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Joseph E. “Jo-Jo” Bell

DOB: 6th June 1965

Age: 15

Height: 5ft

Weight: 75 lbs

Last Seen: 2nd March 1981

Date Found: 9th April 1981

Cause of Death: 


Joseph “Jo-Jo” Eugene Bell was 15-years-old when he went missing. He lived in Lawton Street S.W. with his grandmother, Govnor, whilst his mother, Doris, was incarcerated for killing Joseph’s father. Joseph had one brother, Lindsey, and a half brother, Edward.

Joseph was in 9th Grade at Booker T. Washington High and also attended John Harland Boys’ Club. He worked at Cap’n Peg’s Seafood, attending a radio class at NFLPA camp at West Georgia College in Carrollton.


Last Seen 2nd March 1981


Joseph left Cap’n Peg’s Seafood restaurant to go and play basketball with a friend. He was last seen at Agnes Jones School playing basketball with said friend, Eugene. Eugene reportedly saw Joseph get into a station wagon with Wayne Williams on Westview Drive. Eugene didn’t know what type of car it was, or who Wayne Williams was. Joseph was last seen wearing a blue skullcap, jogging sweatshirt, green jacket and brown baggy pants. Wayne Williams was seen by the South River that afternoon.

A co-worker of Joseph’s said that Joseph called him after his disappearance and pleaded for him to help him, Joseph reportedly told his co-worker that he was “almost dead”. This called was received a day after Joseph disappeared. On the 7th March 1981 someone called Joseph’s grandmother saying that they had Joseph, it was reportedly a woman making the call.

Another eyewitness signed an affidavit saying they saw someone else murder Joseph at the last place Timothy Hill, another victim was seen. A schoolmate of Joseph’s who also knew Timothy said he last saw Joseph on the Friday at Timothy’s place of disappearance, a house on Gray Street. He claimed that Joseph was wearing a baggy, blue, pin-striped suit with a tie, and a white t-shirt. It’s not known if Joseph owned these types of clothes, or why he would have been wearing them.

Joseph’s friend, Eugene’s younger brother, John, said Joseph had Wayne Williams’ phone number and that Wayne told him he knew Joseph. However, there was another Jo-Jo Bell in the area, so it’s not known if he was specifically talking about Joseph Eugene Bell, or another Jo-Jo Bell.


Body Found 9th April 1981


Joseph’s body was found by two bikers that were trialling a new trail in Rockdale County off Klondike Road, this was near South River, and is close to an off county boundary line. It’s a two-mile walk into the woods to reach the point.

All of Joseph’s clothes, apart from his underwear, were missing.




Unsolved but considered closed. Wayne Williams is said to be a suspect but has never been charged with Joseph’s murder. Joseph’s cause of death was undetermined asphyxiation.

23. Timothy Lyndale Hill, 1st January 1968 – 12th March 1968 (13)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Timothy Lyndale Hill

DOB: 1st January 1968

Age: 13

Height: 5’3

Weight: 95 lbs

Last Seen: 11th March 1981

Date Found: 30th March 1981

Cause of Death: Undetermined asphyxiation



Timothy “Timmy” Lyndale Hill was 13-years-old when he went missing. He lived in Sells Avenue S.W. with his mother, Annie, sister’s Mary, and Brenda, and brothers, Marlon, and Richard Jr.

Timmy was said to have known Patrick Rogers, Joseph Bell, Patrick Baltazar, Anthony Carter, Jeffrey Mathis, and Alfred Evans (other victims of the Atlanta Child Murders).

Timmy was in 7th Grade at Dean Rusk Elementary School.


Last Seen 11th March 1981


Timmy was last seen playing with his niece, she claimed he left in a taxi where a man had put “mud” on his face. Another witness, Frankie Mealing, 34, stated he had sex with Timmy and another boy in a now-destroyed property owned by a paedophile named Thomas “Uncle Tom” Terrell, aged 63, at 530 Gray Street. He claims this took place on the 12th March 1981, and a neighbour of Tom Terrell said that he kept a bucket of drugs that looked like mud, Tom was said to have sniffed whatever it was to get high.

Image Credit: Georgia State University (Paedophile Tom Terrell)

Frankie Mealing then said he went to 522 Gray Street, and at 9 p.m. Timmy had come to the property and asked to stay the night. He had told Tom that the last bus home had left, and Tom had said it was okay for Timmy to stay. Timmy stayed the night with Tom, Frankie and someone is only known as “Curly”. On the 13th March 1981, at approximately 4 p.m. Timmy was said to have been seen standing on a sidewalk talking to a 16-year-old girl. Frankie Mealing claimed at least 10 other victims had visited Tom Terrell’s property.

On the 15th March 1981, Timmy was then reportedly seen at a rally for Missing & Murdered Atlanta Children in Morehouse College. He was seen by a stranger that noticed his red baseball cap. The following week (Monday) 17th March 1981, Timmy’s teacher, Theresa, received two calls that were traced back to Northern DeKalb County, from Timmy crying. It’s not known what he said, or if he said anything, or how she knew it was Timmy.

Image Credit: Lipstick Alley (Paedophile Frankie Mealing)

When Timmy was last seen by his niece, he was wearing a black leather jacket, a beige shirt, yellow pants, a pair of white socks, a white cap, and a pair of brown shoes.

Frankie Mealing’s sister (Frankie was living with her), said the police questioned another Jo-Jo Bell on Timmy’s disappearance 11 days after Joseph Bell was reported missing.

A roommate of Frankie Mealing when he lived on Rock Street, named Larry Hill (also known by Larry Marshall, or Lee Hill) had a son named Timothy Hill. He told authorities that Timmy Hill (the victim) delivered a note to Larry’s residence which told him to leave Atlanta and it was signed by Reverend Earl Caroll. It’s not known when Timmy Hill delivered this note, or if this claim is even true, as Larry only confessed to seeing Timmy when he was arrested on charges of criminal attempt to commit an armed robbery.

Another 15-year-old said that Larry had taken him and Timmy Hill to have sex at a property in Gray Street on the 9th March 1981. Larry also took them to the Salvation Army to steal items, but Timmy came out crying that someone had anally raped him inside the Salvation Army. The 15-year-old stated he last saw Timmy going to wash a woman’s dog for $50. Larry reportedly encouraged homosexual relations with another witness who lived on Kimberley Road. This other witness said another suspect, told him that Timmy Hill and other bodies would be found in the Chattahoochie.


Body Found 30th March 1981


The body of Timmy Hill was found in Chattahoochie approximately one mile south of Campbelton Road/GA-166 bridge by a pair of canoeists. His body was found on the same property as victims who were employed in homosexual entertainment venues killed in the early 70s’. These victims were killed “execution-style” by an unknown assailant.

His clothes apart from his underwear were missing.




Unsolved but closed. Wayne Williams has been linked to, but not charged with the murder of Timmy Hill. His cause of death was undetermined asphyxiation.

24. William “Billy Star” Barrett, 8th October 1963 – 12th May 1981 (17)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: William “Billy Star” Barrett

DOB: 8th October 1963

Age: 17

Height: 5’4

Weight: 124 lbs

Last Seen: 11th May 1981

Date Found: 12th May 1981

Cause of Death: Asphyxiation by strangulation


William “Billy Star” Barrett was 17-years-old when he went missing. He is survived by his father, William, mother, Janice, sisters, Sylvia, and Sharon, and brother Kenneth.


Last Seen on 11th May 1981


William’s mother, Janice, had sent William to pay a bill, and he was last seen at the McDaniel-Glenn Housing Community Centre doing just that. Later that day a neighbour reported seeing him a few blocks from where he lived at Kirkwood-East Lake near Memorial, he was seen getting into a two-door white car with an African American man carrying a purse.

Reportedly, an elementary school student claimed he was approached by someone (not recorded whether this was a male, female, young or old) offering him $3000 to kill William. This is potentially linked to some crimes William had committed previously.

William’s aunt, Mary, claims that Wayne Williams had visited the house previously.


Body Found 12th May 1981


William’s body was discovered on the side of the road on a curb in a wooded area of Winthrop Drive, near I-20 and Glenwood, by Greencove. This was two miles from his home. His body was discovered by FBI agents who were in the area.

A gentleman named, Harold Wood, happened to run out of gas about a mile from the scene. He was arrested and questioned (it’s not known why they decided to arrest him), and whilst being questioned Harold described seeing a “black man”  with a blue Cadillac, standing near the location where the body was found. The person stared at Harold before driving away. What’s unclear here, is that the police state it matches the description of the man who found the body, but the man/men who found the body were FBI agents, so why would they have driven away?

White animal undercoat hairs were found on the body, he was fully clothed but missing his blue jean jacket he was last seen wearing. He was also carrying a boy scout pocket knife, an East Lake Meadow Boys Club card, two Willie Johnson Paint Company cards, a piece of paper with a phone number that traced back to an unknown white man last seen at the Omni, and 5-Points MARTA station picking up boys. An eyewitness had seen William at the man’s house one week before his disappearance, the same witness also saw Lubie Geter Jr. there.




Unsolved but closed, Wayne Williams has been linked to but never charged with the murder of William. William’s cause of death was confirmed as asphyxiation by strangulation. He also had a postmortem stab wound which could have come from the scout pocket knife he had on his person.

Questions that May Never be Answered


Upon finishing this case we were left with a lot of questions (and statements that threw us) that despite trying to find answers to, we are left scratching our heads.

  1. Were the fingerprints found on Curtis’ body ever reexamined? If not, why? Is this because the authorities are so convinced it was Wayne Williams?
  2. What did Timmy Hill say to his teacher during those two phone calls, if he didn’t say anything how did she know it was him?
  3. If Timmy was raped in the Salvation Army, how could he then go wash a dog straight after? Did anyone clean him up? Take him for medical attention given the state he would have been in? (Clearly not, given that Larry Hill was seemingly supplying the boys to Tom Terrell).
  4. Were Tom Terrell and Frankie Mealing ever arrested for sexual abuse and rape of minors? Was LH ever arrested for his involvement?
  5. Why was it not confirmed whether or not any of the boys were sexually abused?
  6. There were pubic hairs found on one of the other victims, were these ever re-examined?
  7. A lot of the eye witness accounts seem to be all over the place, and without knowing the state of decomposition of the bodies of the boys’ it’s not known if these accounts match the timeline of events.
  8. Was there a composite sketch taken of the man Margaret Jackson seen on the day Patrick’s body was found?
  9. Was the note to Larry from the Reverend ever substantiated as a legitimate note? Or was LH stating this to get time shaved off?
  10. A few articles say it was Patrick’s mother that received the call from the woman stating she had him, but Joseph’s mother was in jail.
  11. Was the link to the gay entertainer’s executions ever linked to the murders of these young boys?
  12. Can anyone link us to those murders as we’d like to find out if anyone was arrested. We read an article that a serial killer was arrested in the 1990s but the way the article is written it’s about murders that took place in the 90s’ so it doesn’t look as though it’s linked to the murders in the 70s.
  13. Despite being wiretapped, and one member of the KKK claiming he was going to murder Lubie Geter, not a single one of them was charged with anything related to the Atlanta Child Murders. Why? Cassette’s worth of conversations about terrorism, and not a single charge…
  14. Were the animal hairs actually linked to the dog that Wayne William’s owned through testing? Or, was this just another assumption made to tie Wayne Williams to the crime?



Unsolved USA: Atlanta's Missing and Murdered Children (Part Two)



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