In Atlanta, Georgia, between 1979 – 1981 at least 24 children and adolescents were murdered. Police believe serial killer Wayne Bertram Williams is responsible, but he has never been charged for any of these crimes.

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9.  LaTonya Yovette Wilson, 23 June 1973 – 22 June 1980 (aged 6)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: LaTonya Yovette Wilson

DOB: 23 June 1973

Age: 6

Height: 4ft

Weight: 60lbs

Last Seen: 4 am on Sunday 22nd June 1980

Date Found: 18th October 1980

Cause of Death: Undetermined due to the state of decomposition.


LaTonya Yovette Wilson lived in Apartment 7 in 2261 NW Verbena Street, Hillcrest Heights apartment complex in Dixie Hills, Atlanta. LaTonya lived with her parents, Clarence and Ella Wilson, her sister, Cheryl, brother’s, Christopher, Tyress, and David. She also had two half-sisters and 2 half-brothers.

LaTonya attended Jones Elementary School where she would have been in 1st Grade.


Night of LaTonya’s Disappearance

At 4 am on Sunday 22nd June 1980 LaTonya was taken from her second-floor window of the apartment she lived in with her family. She was seen by witnesses wearing a slip and white panties.

A witness named Gladys Durden saw a black man climb in and out of the window 4 times, it was reported that this individual would have had to have climbed over the bed of one of LaTonya’s brothers and past her parents’ bedrooms to get to her.

This individual was then to have reported leaving out of the back door, which he left open. Gladys then witnessed this man talking to another black male in a parking lot, he was seen holding LaTonya in his arms.

It was reported that Nathaniel Cater, 27 years old, was said to be one of the suspects, but this has never been confirmed. Nathaniel later became one of the potential victims of Wayne Williams.

Earlier that day another potential witness, the next-door neighbour of the Wilson’s, Amp Wiley, reported to authorities that he had seen a female and two males in an old model van, hanging around the back of the Wilson’s apartment complex.

After witnessing the vehicle, he returned to his apartment and could hear raised voices from the Wilson’s home. He said it sounded like someone was getting “a whippin’”. He had heard Ella Wilson scream for someone to, “Stop!”. The noises then subsided. When Amp left his apartment approximately an hour and a half later, he saw Ella Wilson, who seemed upset, sitting in her apartment balcony. She ignored Amp when he called out a greeting to her.

Remains Found

On 18th October 1980, LaTonya’s tiny body was found at the end of Verbena Street in a fenced area that was close to the intersection of Sewanee Avenue. This was in close proximity to the United Youth Adult Conference of Atlanta (UYACA).



The cause of death undetermined due to the state of decomposition. Wayne Williams is not said to be connected to the murder of LaTonya Wilson and no further suspects have been identified.

10. Aaron Darnell Wyche, 6th October 1969 – 23 June 1980 (10)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Aaron Darnell Wyche

DOB: 6th October 1969

Age: 10

Height: 4’10

Weight: 55lbs

Last Seen: 22nd June 1980

Date Found: 24th June 1980

Cause of Death: Positional asphyxiation from a broken neck Aaron suffered during a fall


Aaron Darnell Wyche lived with his mother, Linda Wyche, in an apartment at 1065 Henry Thomas Drive SE, Apartment 336 within the Thomasville Heights Housing complex.
Aaron was in 4th Grade at a local school when he was tragically killed.

Last Seen

Between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m., Aaron was last seen at Tanner’s Corner Grocery Store at 826/828 McDonough Boulevard. He was wearing a red and black striped shirt with blue cut-off pants and high-tops. Aaron was seen getting into a blue and white late 70s’ Chevrolet with two black males. This car perfectly matched the description of a car seen prowling around the school that Jefferey Mathis’ attended.
The children at the school reported that two black men were trying to get children into the car and were able to give police the license plate number. This car was registered to be found with different plates on it and it was seen in front of a house where the Mathis’ family went looking for Jefferey when he first went missing.
An unnamed female witness said that she saw little Aaron being led away from the store by the two men. She described one of the men as 6ft and approximately 180lbs whom she thought was approximately 30-years-old with a goatee. She spoke to Aaron and she said that it didn’t seem like anything was wrong, Aaron hadn’t appeared distressed or upset.
The man and Aaron entered the Chevrolet, the witness saw that Aaron sat close to the man in the front, whilst the other man was doing something in the back with his hands in his lap.
Aaron was later reportedly seen at Moreland Avenue Shopping Centre at approximately 6 p.m. by another witness. It’s unknown if the men were with him.

Body Found

On 24th June 1980, the tiny body of Aaron Darnell Wyche was found underneath a bridge going over some train tracks on Constitution Road. This is close to the Moreland Avenue Shopping Centre. He was still wearing the red and black striped shirt, blue cut-off’s and high-tops when he was found.
It was reported that Aaron was thrown from the bridge and his official cause of death was ruled to be positional asphyxiation. Positional asphyxiation occurs after someone suffers a broken neck, and it was reported that Aaron’s neck was broken during the fall from the bridge.



It’s not known if the case is linked to Wayne Williams. However, Wayne Williams is only 5’7 tall so would have not have been the man seen leading Aaron to the car. However, he could have been the passenger seen in the back seat of the vehicle.

11. Anthony Carter, 31st August 1971 – 6th July 1980 (8)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Anthony Carter

DOB: 31st August 1971

Age: 8

Height: 4’5

Weight: 73lbs

Last Seen: Sunday 6th July 1980

Date Found: Sunday 6th July 1980

Cause of Death: Multiple Stab Wounds


Anthony Bernard Carter lived with his mother, Vera Carter at 896 West End Avenue.

Anthony was a student of E.R. Carter Elementary School and was in 2nd Grade when he was murdered. He was known to take on odd jobs around the local West End Mall in order to get some additional cash.


Last Seen

Anthony was last seen playing hide and seek with his cousin at 979 Cunningham Place.


Body Found

At approximately 1 a.m. – 1:30 a.m. on Sunday 6th July 1980, Anthony’s little body was found in a warehouse dumpster across the street from 657 Wells Street South West. The warehouse was located at the rear of the 600th block of Glenn Street by workers that worked a few yards from where he was found.

The ME suspected that Anthony’s body was transferred after death and that he was killed elsewhere.




No suspects have been identified and Anthony’s murder remains unsolved.

12. Earl Lee Terrell, 24th August 1969 – 9th January 1981 (10)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Earl Terrell

DOB: 24th August 1969

Age: 10

Height: 4’7

Weight: 80lbs

Last Seen: 30th July 1980

Date Found: 9th January 1980

Cause of Death: Undetermined due to the state of decomposition.

Earl Lee Terrell lived with his mother, Beverley Belt, stepfather James Belt, and his siblings, Anthony, James and Alexis. They lived at 1930 Browns Mill Road South East, and Earl’s aunt, Vickie Terrell lived next door to the family.

Earl was in 3rd Grade at Lakewood Elementary School.


Last Seen on 30th July 1980

Earl’s last movements were that he was seen sitting outside of the South Bend Park Pool, he had been kicked out by the lifeguard after he began misbehaving in the pool. He was seen after this looking for one of his friends’ at their home, then buying a freeze pop at the local grocery store. He was finally seen crying on the corner near Jonesboro.


Crank Caller

Earl’s aunt received a phone call after Earl’s disappearance, the caller that Vickie thought was a white male and had a Southern drawl said, “I’ve got Earl. Don’t’ call the police.” Shortly afterwards, he called back, saying, “I’ve got Earl. He’s in Alabama. It will cost you $200 to get him back. I will call back on Friday.”

Vickie never heard from the caller, again.


Child Pornography Connection

John David Wilcoxen, a known paedophile, lived close to Earl, and it was reported that Earl had visited Wilcoxen’s house before. Wilcoxen was convicted of possessing thousands of photographs of underaged boys displayed in a pornographic manner. However, despite this link, but police dismissed Wilcoxen as a suspect, they claimed the images of the children Wilcoxen possessed were all white children. However, this claim has since been disputed as being untrue.


Bodies Found

On 9th January 1981, the bodies of Earl Terrell and Christopher Richardson (not confirmed) were found in a wooded area, 75ft from North of Redwine. The bodies were found by a dog that lived in a nearby resident. The police happened to be looking for Lubie Geter nearby when the owner of the dog approached them to let them know his dog smelled really bad and he thought the dog had been nosing in something foul.

Police bungled the evidence collection of both Earl and Christopher’s bodies and it was stated that body parts such as teeth were left at the scene. There was also items such as shotgun shells, Penthouse and Gallery magasines, a cigarette butt and some magnetic recording tape.



The cause of death undetermined due to the state of decomposition.

13. Clifford Emanuel Jones, 22nd October 1965 – 1980 (12)

Image Credit: Atkid-Weebly

Name: Clifford Emanuel Jones

DOB: 22nd October 1965

Age: 12

Height: 4’1

Weight: 87lbs

Last Seen: 20th August 1980

Date Found: 21st August 1980

Cause of Death: Asyphxiation by ligature strangulation

Clifford Emanuel Jones was staying at his grandmother (maternal), Dorothy Williams, at 1183/1153 Lookout Avenue North West. He was visiting his grandmother from a previous address, 916 East 123 Street, Cleveland, but he was originally from Chattanooga, Tennesse. Clifford’s mother was called Eunice E. Jones. Clifford had three brother’s, Dwayne, Herman, Emanuel, and one sister, Alice.

Clifford was in 6th Grade, we’ve been unable to get further information on what school Clifford attended.

The last time any of Clifford’s family saw him was when Clifford was seen on 20th August 1980 at St. James and Lookout Avenue with one of his cousins. At the time of his disappearance, he was looking for tin cans to sell for extra money.

The Murder

Image Credit: Atkid-Weebly (allegedly where Clifford was murdered)

Three unidentified youths described seeing Clifford being murdered through a window (with a fan in it). They claimed to have witnessed the manager of a laundromat on Hollywood Plaza named James “Jaime” Edward Brooks (pictured below) and a man named, Calvin, strangling, beating and carrying Clifford’s limp body to the trash. Another witness only named, Freddie aged 19, that the place said was “retarded”, said that Jaime fondled and anally raped Jones before strangling Clifford with a yellow rope.

Freddie then witnessed Jaime wash Clifford with soap and a rag before re-clothing his body and dumping it.

Two further witnesses claim to have seen a black man in a hooded robe walking from the manager’s home and placing a large item that was wrapped entirely in plastic next to a dumpster. He then went back inside and made a phone call, the police confirmed they responded to an anonymous call about the body.

Another person said that he spent the night with the manager after meeting him at the Silver Dollar Saloon in November 1980. He also met Nathan “Nate” Carter and Michael McIntosh at the Cameo Lounge.

Image Credit: Atkid – Weebly (Jaime Edward Brookes, now deceased)

Jaime was sentenced for aggravated assault with attempt to rape (it’s not clear when this was), but he was released whilst Wayne Williams’ stood trial for the murders. Jaime later died of AIDS.







Body Found on 21st August 1980

Image Credit: CNN (the dumpster where Clifford’s body was found)

The tiny body of Clifford was found next to a dumpster by the laundromat on Hollywood Plaza Shopping Centre, by Hollywood Road. Clifford’s mouth was badly cut and bruised, his underwear was missing and he was wearing an unfamiliar red and blue jogging shorts, and white tennis shoes. Police confirmed that Clifford’s asphyxiation by ligature strangulation. Coroner’s estimated his time of death to have been approximately four to six hours from when his body was recovered.

Jaime Edward Brooks was said to have been a strong suspect in Clifford’s case. He was said to have been widely known for his homosexual gatherings. FBI reports state that Jaime failed both polygraph tests that he undertook, even though he did admit to knowing Clifford and that Clifford was indeed in his laundromat on the evening of the 20th August 1980. Clifford was found around four to six hours after he had been murdered which meant that Jaime would have been with Clifford around the time he was killed. However, Jaime was never charged because they seemingly didn’t believe Freddie’s account given his mental capacity (don’t even get us started…..) despite all the overwhelming evidence against Jaime.


Clifford had two funerals, the first was on Monday 25th August 1980 at the Little Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 315 Fifth Avenue, Decatur. Clifford’s remains laid in state from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. when his funeral commenced. The Reverand E.L. Thomas, a pastor, officiated. Clifford’s second funeral was held on Tuesday 26th August 1980 at 1 p.m. at Crombie Funeral Home Chapel, 2201 Broad Street, Chattanooga, Tennesse, where he was buried in the national cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennesse.



Wayne Williams was linked to the death of Clifford Jones due to the trilobal fibres found on Clifford’s body. These fibres were also found on other victims.  However, it’s argued that there were five other witnesses implicating someone else in the murder of Clifford. The fibres found were the evidence used to convict Williams of murder. Theorists believe that the evidence could invalidate the entire case against Wayne Williams, as the conviction was based solely on fibre evidence.

14.  Darron Glass, 1970 – 1980 (10)

Image Credit: Zodiac Ciphers

Name: Darron Glass

DOB: 1970

Age: 10

Height: 4’9

Weight: 75lbs

Last Seen: Unknown

Date Found: Unknown, Darron is still missing

Cause of Death: Unknown, Darron’s body has never been recovered.


Writing this child’s story hit us way harder than the others, it’s heartbreakingly sad.

Little Darron Glass was living in a foster home, with his foster mother, Fannie Mae Smith when he disappeared. He was reported missing on 14th September 1980 and just a few days after his disappearance the home he was staying in received a call from someone claiming to be Darron. Little Darron has a sister that lived on East Lake Drive, and his “Daddy/Uncle” lived by Flat Shoals Road. What is heartbreaking about Darron, is that he just wanted a family of his own, and there is seemingly no family to mourn him. There are a vast amount of people on Find a Grave, that have adopted this little boy as their own which has resulted in one special member paying for a memorial for Darron.

Darron was in the 4th Grade and attended Kirkwood Elementary School.

Last Seen

Darron was last seen by one of the corners of Glenwood Avenue South East and 2nd Avenue South East. He was getting off a church bus after attending an Atlanta Braves game. He was seen wearing a yellow shirt, brown khaki pants and white tennis shoes when he was last seen.

Mystery Calls

As mentioned above his foster home received a call at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Sunday 14th September 1980 from someone claiming to be Darron. The calls still came in as late as November 1980, it’s not known if it was confirmed to be Darron, or what was said during these calls, just that it was an “emergency call”.

Zodiac Link?

On the 2nd March 1981 a postmarked Cleveland, Ohio, business reply envelope was mailed to police, it stated:

Please stop forced bussing or I will kill three more black boys in Atlanta in March

This was followed by another letter from someone claiming to be the Zodiac Killer, on the 8th March 1981 to the television station WXIA-TV “11 Alive”, the letter confessed to killing “all these little people.”

Hello, it’s me. Haven’t you figured out who is killing these little people, yet? I’ll give you a hint, I used to be in San Francisco. I used to stalk women, but I like to kill children now. At all my victims bodies I have left certain clues, but I guess it’s too much for you Rebels to handle. So, I guess I’ll have to tell you. I’ll (to) kill children because they are so easy to “pick off”. Buy the way, if you still have letters from other murders, I am not writing in the same hand writing.

Then on the 18th March 1981, a letter that was addressed to the “Editor of the Washington Post” was received, but it had been postmarked from 17th February 1981 from Prince George’s County, Maryland, claiming to have additional information on the Atlanta killings. The letters requested that the Editor place an advertisement in the Washington Post stating, “Daniel, Please Call Home”, then the writer would initiate further contact with the Editor. The writer didn’t initiate any further contact with the Editor after this letter.

Image Credit: Zodiac Ciphers



Darron is the only child listed as a victim of Wayne Williams whose body has never been recovered.

15.  Charles Stephens Jr, 3rd July 1968 – 10th October 1980 (12)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

Name: Charles Stephens Jr

DOB: 3rd July 1968

Age: 12

Height: 5ft

Weight: 120lbs

Last Seen: 

Date Found: 9th October 1980 at 4:30 p.m. on Norman Berry Drive

Cause of Death: Undetermined asphyxiation


Charles lived with his devoted parents, his mother Ernestine Stephens, and father Charles Stephens Sr., he also had a sister named Tina. He was reported missing on the 9th October 1980 and was found deceased on a hillside the next morning.

He was in the 6th Grade at Parkson Elementary School.


Last Seen


Charles was last seen in his home, watching TV and drawing. He had told his family he was going to visit a cousin in Carver Homes. A neighbour named Jerome Clarke said that he saw Charles on a skateboard near a dumpster in front of his house (it’s not clear if this is Charles’ house or the neighbours’. Jerome claimed to have seen a man between the building’s of 1701 and 1704, he then claimed to have seen the same man in the Pryor neighbourhood the evening that Charles was found.


Body Found


At 4:30 p.m. Charles’ body was found on a hillside by Norman Berry Drive, near the entrance to Longview Trailer Park

He was missing his t-shirt, one of his sister’s shoes (that he had been wearing at the time of his disappearance), and was wearing dark blue pants. There were “rub marks” around his nose and mouth. Dog hairs and two caucasian head hairs were found on Charles’ body. There were also two pubic hairs that did not belong to Stephens’ or Wayne Williams’ were found on his boxers 950 feet away from where his body was laid.




Cause of death was ruled as undetermined asphyxiation. Wayne Williams has been accused but never charged with Charles’ murder, so his case remains unsolved.

16.  Aaron Jackson, 1971 – 1st November 1980 (8 – 9)

Image Credit: Digital Spy

Name: Aaron Jackson

DOB: 1971

Age: 8 or 9

Height: 4’8

Weight: 84lbs

Last Seen: 1st November 1980

Date Found: 2nd November 1980

Cause of Death: 



Aaron Jackson Jr lived at 818 Norwood Road, with his father Aaron Jackson Sr. He had to brothers, Kevin and Lee, and two sister’s, Patricia and Lisa. His mom, Benny Jackson lived with two other siblings in Washington D.C. Aaron’s aunt also lived next door to his house with her own family.

He was in the 3rd Grade at Dobbs Elementary School. He was friends with Aaron Wyche and his body was found close to where Aaron’s body had been found.


Last Seen


Aaron was last seen in the Moreland Avenue Shopping Centre wearing a printed shirt, dark pants and sneakers on the 1st November 1980.


Body Found


Aaron’s body was found on 2nd November 1980 on a riverbank below a bridge, he was found quite a ways from his home.




His cause of death was described as probable suffocation. Wayne Williams has been accused but never charged with the death of Aaron. His murder remains unsolved.

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