TMTL’s Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels

TMTL’s Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels

As true-crime fanatics we often get asked for recommendations on the 10 True Crime Youtube channels to watch for information on cases, or just to satisfy a true crime craving. We thought long and hard about the type of channels we watch, some are super popular and some are just starting out, or not as well known. 

We decided that given there are channels with huge following stats that we would focus more on the smaller channels that do (in our humble opinion) a much better job in research and giving a full overview of the cases they cover. We are also focusing on channels that talk about unsolved cases and missing persons. 

The Youtubers are channels that we watch on a daily or weekly basis depending on when they post videos. The list isn’t in any sort of order and we have included a brief description of the channels and the Youtubers behind them. If you would like to follow these individuals on social media then be sure to look in their “About” sections.

John Lordan – Lordan Arts

Missing people, unsolved mysteries, cold cases and updates on cases John has been following. He posts videos three times a week and has a new case every single time. These are cases that don’t get as much media attention or aren’t as well known as others but deserve just as much recognition. Like many others on this post, John does a lot of research on his videos, he explains everything in detail, keeps the videos based on the victims and on their families and provides updates that are so important when covering cases like this. He co-hosts a podcast called Crime after Crime with Danelle Hallan. You can find his channel, here.

Jim Can’t Swim – Criminal Psychology

Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels

Forensic Psychology, True Crime, & Social Science Channel provides an amazing insight into police interviews, interviews with killers and details on true crime cases. Jim’s channel is incredible if you are like our admin and study psychology with criminology interests. Highly underrated channel with so much information and keeps you hooked from the beginning. You can find Jim’s channel, here.

Missing Kids, Rescued Kids /Missing Kids, Rescued Kids 2

Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels

Leigh started the channel with the intention to highlight the issues of child abduction and child issues. The cases are from all over the world covering child endangerment with the hopes that people will take part by taking notice and sharing the videos. Leigh is very much like the admin and has a passion for creating awareness for those that cannot speak for themselves. There are two channels, Missing Kids, Rescued Kids, and Missing Kids, Rescued Kids 2.

Danelle (pronounced Danielle) Hallan 

Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels

We only found Danelle’s channel last year, but have watched all of her videos. Danelle focuses mostly on unsolved cases, covering cases that again, don’t have as much media coverage, or cases that others may not have heard of. Danelle is a full-time mom on top of Youtube and posts once a week on a Saturday. She co-hosts a podcast called Crime after Crime with John Lordan. Her Youtube channel can be found, here.

Mike – That Chapter

Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels

Mike “Oh” a fellow Irish true crime lover is the owner of That Chapter. He covers unsolved crimes, mysteries, creepy tales, cold cases and a bit of tin hat conspiracy theories. His Irish humour gives a light-hearted kick to what is some awful stuff, but while remaining respectful. He posts new videos every week and is very active on his social media. We may be biased because we are Northern Irish, but Mike Oh and his channel are one of our absolute favourite channels to watch and we look forward to his videos every week. You can find Mike’s channel, here.

Mr. Davis

Mr. Davis’ main focus of his channel is to cover various cold cases, true crime, and other content similar to that. He presents the facts in a respectful and timely manner; no dragging out videos for more ad revenue. He posts a new true crime-related video every Monday and Friday.

Along with the True Crime content, he also has a bi-weekly podcast, The Graveyard Shift with Mr. Davis where he narrates 3-5 NoSleep stories. I have mentioned Mr. Davis previously, he was the one that highlighted my first post on Walter “Fig” Mitchell and what spurred the revamp of The Missing and the Lost. You can find his channel, here.

Criminally Listed

Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels

Criminally Listed is a Canadian-based YouTube channel for fans of true crime. They have some of the most interesting true crime stories and unsolved mysteries that you’ve never heard of before. They also have a new channel that focuses on cold cases.

They cover product reviews for true crime buffs, and also include plenty of detail in their stories, focusing on the victims and their stories. You can find the Criminally Listed channel, here.

Mysterious WV

Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels
Photo Credit to Mysterious WV

True Crime channel that features profiling John and Jane Doe cases, missing persons, unsolved murders, crime, ghost stories and folklore. WV stands for West Virginia. Click here to have a look at some of the videos they have published.

We came across Mysterious WV by chance, one of their videos began to play automatically after a previous Youtube video had finished. The host of Mysterious WV has a great voice, he also does a brilliant job pulling together different cases that we haven’t seen elsewhere which is something we always look for, especially when we are researching cases to cover.

heavy casefiles

Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels
Photo Credit to heavy casefiles.
heavy casefiles is a youtube channel that covers a wide range of true crime cases. This is one of the most in-depth Youtube channels we have come across since Danelle, John and Cayleigh. There’s no need for fancy editing because it’s about the victims, no-frills needed and this is exactly what we look for in a channel. Soothing voice, in-depth information on the cases covered, victim-focused and respectful viewers. You couldn’t ask for much better in a channel. The Youtube channel can be found here.

Kill & Chill

Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels

Kill & Chill is probably the smallest channel on the list, but that’s just because they are so underrated and relatively new. The channel focuses on more mini-documentary style programmes, some are reuploaded from TV, but all of them are interesting and cases you wouldn’t have heard of. The channel can be found, here.

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12 thoughts on “TMTL’s Top 10 True Crime Youtube Channels

  1. I have to be honest and say I’ve not listened to any of these guys despite loving this stuff. I just never thought to go to Youtube for my fix! Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Thank you will be checking them out.My go to is Jim can’t swim, but I have just about watched all of his content now, (Youtube and Patreon)

  2. We appreciate your comment Nikki, the great thing about the TC community is there is plenty to choose from. This is just one list, we have a tonne of other channels out there that we intend to add to future posts. Not sure who you are referring to re stealing the content from other creators, but that’s one thing we talk about here on our site, ensuring that other creators are referenced if their content is being used.

  3. Jim can’t swim is my fav YouTube channel! He’s so good at explanning what you’re seeing, breaking down interrogators techniques, and diving into the psychology of crimes. He also has a Patreon channel, which has a bunch of videos not fit for YouTube. May I also say that Kendall Rae is another great channel!

  4. That Chapter is great, Mike puts an amusing spin on things.I adore Heavy Casefiles. As you say – it’s just information. No ‘I am your host’, no intro or number guide, I don’t even know the narrators name. Most soothing voice ever though, I could listen to her talk about anything.

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