TMTL’s Top 10 True Crime Podcasts

TMTL’s Top 10 True Crime Podcasts

As true-crime fanatics, we often get asked for recommendations on true crime podcasts for information on cases, or just to satisfy a true crime craving. We thought long and hard about the type of podcasts we listen to, some are super popular and some are just starting out, or not as well known, and some are considered to be quite controversial. 

We chose these podcasts in particular as they put so much into their research, and we have often turned to them for advice and guidance on researching, interviewing and just generally to chat about true crime.

The list isn’t in any sort of order and we have included a brief description of the podcasts. If you would like to follow these podcasts you can find them anywhere you listen to podcasts. They are all on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and they usually advertise their social media during podcast episodes. 


1. My Favourite Murder

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: MFM Twitter










Hosted by: Karen Kilgraff, and Georgia Hardstark (and Steven, and fur babies)

About: A comedic take on true crime, but with sensitvity in tact. The ladies also discuss books, mental health, TV and how absolutely bollocks Covid 19 is. Based in the US, Karen and Georgia cover true crime cases (solved and unsolved) from all over the world. However, they’ve put a unique twist on things and often read listener stories of hometown murders, superhero grandparents and scary near misses that the listeners get into. “Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered”.


2. Casefile True Crime

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: Case File Twitter










Hosted by: Casey (Anonymous host)

About: Australian based true crime podcast that covers mostly Australian solved/unsolved crimes. They do dip across the ocean to cover othe cases from time to time, but it’ll blow your mind just how many henious crimes are committed in Australia without the rest of the world hearing about it.


3. Sword and Scale

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: Sword and Scale Twitter










Hosted by: Mike Boudet

About: Based in the US, Sword and Scale is an award winning, true crime podcast that covers unsolved and solved cases from all over the world. Boudet does a brilliant job of pulling together audio, usually 911 calls, or police interviews as part of the narrative of the episodes. The cases he covers are not for the faint-hearted and he pulls no punches in his thoughts and feelings about each case.


4. True Crime All The Time

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: True Crime All The Time Twitter










Hosted by: Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson

About: Based in the US, Fergie and Gibby cover all aspects of true crime from all over the world. They have two podcasts, one which focuses on solved crimes, and the other which focuses on unsolved true crimes (True Crime All The Time Unsolved).


5. Seeing Red: A True Crime Podcast

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: Stitcher










Hosted by: Bethan and Mark

About: UK based true crime podcast that cover both solved and unsolved crimes. They’ve done some excellent work covering quite a few national (UK) tragedies that may not be more widely known. Both hosts deserve more recognition for the hard work they put into the episodes, and it’s clear how much research goes into each story.


6. The Vanished Podcast

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: The Vanished Podcast Twitter










Hosted by: Marissa

About: Missing Person’s podcast that pays particular attention to cases that are lesser known. Marissa interviews family members, friends, colleagues, partners, and local law enforcement to tell the story of the missing person, where they were last seen, who they were as a person, and theories that surround the individual’s disappearance.


7. The Trail Went Cold 

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: The Trail Went Cold Twitter










Hosted by: Robin Warner

About: A US-based podcast, Robin looks into unsolved true crime cases. He spends a lot of time researching and the episodes are always a decent length. He delves into different theories, whilst also providing his own take on what may or may not have happened.


8. Truth and Justice Podcast

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: Truth and Justice Podcast Twitter










Hosted by: Bob Ruff and Zach Weaver (Mike Bussing, Executive Producer, also co-hosts)

About: A true crime podcast that focuses on the case in real time. Each week Bob and Zach (and sometimes Mike) delve into case files alongside their listeners to look into cold case injustices. They did some incredible work on The West Memphis Three case (also a documentary on Oxygen), The Laci Peterson Murder, and the injustice of Jamie Snow. Their hard work has helped a lot of wrongfully convicted individual’s get their stories out.


9. Going West Podcast

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: Going West Podcast Twitter










Hosted by: Daphne and Heath

About: A US based podcast, hosted by newly engaged (at the time of this article) couple, Daphne and Heath. They cover both solved and unsolved cases. They’ve covered quite a few cases that the TMTL hadn’t heard of before which is always super refreshing. The work they put into ensuring the listeners have an accurate, and factual time line is incredible.


10. Human Monsters

TMTL'S Top 10 True Crime Podcasts
Image Credit: Human Monsters Podcast on Podbean











Hosted by: Morgan Rector

About: This podcast, and we cannot stress this ENOUGH, is not for the faint-hearted. It focuses on stories depicting child abuse (in sometimes graphic detail), incest, murder, and so much more. The stories are heartbreaking, and they’re stories you may have never heard of before. Morgan does a great job at sticking to the facts, discussing court cases, and on the odd occasion he will cover a serial killer or two.




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