Our Mission Statement

The purpose of this website is to shed light on unsolved crimes, cold cases, human trafficking, missing persons and other topics that are lesser-known to the public. It is to keep their memory alive, raise awareness, and is not for any vigilante purposes, nor do we have any interest in being influencers. This is something we do in our spare time, a passion and love for true crime and stories we think more people should know about.

As this website is a crime related website, for the most part, it will depict violent crimes, abuse and sex crimes. The focus is on the victims and the victim is always our centre focus, we do not, and we repeat, WE DO NOT care about the perpetrator of any of these crimes. 

Far too often the victims are overlooked or forgotten throughout the justice process. It becomes less about the victim and more about the perpetrator of the crimes and the media coverage (for example, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Ed Kemper, GSK, Peter Scully (insert spit emoji here) and Fred and Rose West are names that spring to mind when mentioning this), they get more rights, infamy, and are thought-about more than the victims ever were. This is wrong, and it needs to change. We do not condone hero-worshipping here, there is no fangirling about serial killers, but our admin does have a keen interest in forensic psychology and criminology. 

We remember the victims, their families, we tell their stories to raise awareness, share their photos in the hopes that the reader will share the photo with someone they know in that area, or contact the authorities if they recognise the person. Again, we aren’t here to be vigilantes or influencers, we are just sharing stories we’ve seen ourselves and done more research on.

Someone out there knows something

We understand law enforcement get it wrong, that there is corruption in some precincts, but we encourage people to think about the jobs these people have. There are only a select few who can do a job like this, and like our troops, our police took a vow to protect and serve our community. Police bashing of any kind will not be tolerated. Your information will be blocked and IP reported if threats are made, there will be no warnings, you’ll just be blocked and may receive a call from your local police if we feel the threats need to be reported.


This website is a personal website, the opinions expressed here are of the owner/admin team and may evolve over time. We will not tolerate any disrespectful comments, or mudslinging antics towards any victims or their families. For more information on what will happen if you are caught doing this, please check out our Privacy Policy

By viewing this website and it’s content you are doing so at your own risk. We are not responsible for any hurt feelings, emotional triggers or upset caused. This is a true-crime site, this is NOT a site for the faint-hearted. For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.


We are sick to the back teeth of YouTubers, bloggers and other individuals reporting on cases not citing references in their posts. We firmly believe that we would have no idea of what goes on or updates on the case if we didn’t have other sources to gain information from. This is why you will see references at the bottom of all our crime posts, folklore posts, creepypastas and any posts where external resources are used. We encourage you all to go read the references for yourselves, as you just never know what might click. It’s important to us that other hardworking individual’s get credit for the research they have done and we will always be transparent with our readers and followers. 

If you are using our site as a reference for a post, we ask that you include us and give credit when referencing anything you have found on our site. We are not above reporting plagiarism and we won’t tolerate someone taking our hard work and trying to make it their own without credit as we do this for free at present and even if we didn’t it’s just common decency. We research extremely hard, for months at a time and take a lot of care to ensure we put the story in the right context, with all the information available and it can be very emotionally draining to research cases, especially those involving children, we ask for a mention, we don’t ask you to pay us, just give credit where it’s due. 

More than your average True Crime website.

Thanks for visiting.

The Missing and the Lost Team (TMTL)


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